Card Manager (JavaCard)

Scripts for the card manager application on JavaCards are located in the gp directory.

The following scripts are provided:

You can run a script by entering load("gp/<scriptname>"), e.g.

> load("gp/explore_jcop.js");

or by selecting the script in the "File" / "Run Script" dialog.


The script selects the default card manager (AID = A000000003000000 or A000000151000000) and displays informations available through the GET DATA and GET STATUS APDUs.

An authentication procedure can be started by selecting "Authenticate" from the context menu attached to the Card Manager entry. The authentication procedure uses the default keys (see kp_jcop_default_s-enc.xml).

After successfull authentication, a list of security domains, selectable applications, load files and modules are shown. Selectable applications and load files can be deleted using the "Delete" menu item from the context menu.