EMV Simulation

The simulation directory contains a basic simulation of an EMV card.

Using the simulation

The simulation makes use of the CardSimulationAdapter, providing an APDU interface on port 8050 at the local machine. The protocol at this port is compatible with the JCOP JavaCard simulator provided by NXP. Select the "JCOPSimulation" card reader in the Smart Card Shell to access the running simulation.

To start the simulation you will need to run a separate instance of the Smart Card Shell and load the emvsimulator.js scripts with :

> load("emv/simulation/emvsimulator.js");

The script will create and personalize the simulator's file system and then wait for incoming command APDUs.

When using the tests, please select the JCOPSimulation as card reader.

For using the simulation with hardware from Micropross, Comprion or Proxmark please contact us.