The following features are on the OpenSCDP Roadmap

Feature 3.5 3.6 3.7 TBD
Support for AES-XX-
Elliptic Curve with GF(F2M)-XX-
Eclipse Plug-In for profile and script editing-XX-
Outline View in Eclipse Plug-In--X-
Support for generating and processing Global Platform Messaging files (BatchCardCustomization, BatchAuditTrail, CardCustomization, CardAuditTrail, ApplicationDataNotification, ApplicationDataRequest and ApplicationAuditTrail).---X
Support for openSecureChannel(), SecureChannel, SCP01 and SCP02---X
Support for missing methods in Crypto class (generateKey(), decryptEncrypt(), wrap(), unwrap() and unwrapWrap())---X
Full support for Key class methods---X
Full support for (GP)Application and GPSecurityDomain class methods---X
Better modularization of OCF, Engine, Shell and Plug-In--X-
Script controlled key management system---X
Support for key storage in hardware security modules--X-